LYRICS: MC CHITA's 'Muchatiwona'

Local hiphop mainstay, Mc-Chita continues to lead the way and show to all and sundry just what it takes to be the best.
With a brand new album on the way (November 10th), the hiphop artist has been dropping singles in the lead_up to the launch, with the recent one being a brand new banger titled 'Muchatiwona', whose lyrics we will share with you on this platform today.

Know this is my block/
Tiripa corner...
Yeah this is my spot/
Pocket full of them 10's,
Them diamonds/
Some hearts some spades,
Stay Shinning/
Three leaves that grade,
They grinding/
Yeah that's e state of mind,
That I'm in...)×2

U should know that,
Negero I b all dat/
Rap so slick,
I cld even make a grand off a call back/
Check my format,
Bust a shot send 4 back/
Best believe,
That a nigga so street nickname should b tarmac/
Dressed in all black,
Stay prepared for combat/
Imma gv u some advice right now,
My dog u don't want that/
Whole squad b turnt,
We been smoking/
S*** us niggas on,
Hella potent/
Sex drugs liquor,
We promoting/
Space ghost coast to coasting/
Pass me e rock,
I b open/
Me falling off,
They been hoping/
I b showing off,
Hella boasting/
Doing my azonto,
Yeah me show dem/
Yeah me show dem,
These fools me not know dem/
1st name should b these niggas,
Last name unimportant...


U know,
Like I know/
My negroes,
They psycho/
Dial a delivery ass whippings,
Right there on your front porch (good Lord) /
What your momma cry out e next time she c ya,
Cross my niggas wrong wouldn't wanna b ya/
Same go for your crew man we won't spare em neither,
Whr u go they go u know e game follow e leader/
Eff finger wagging,
And stern words/
We stay packing,
U'll get served/
All main meals,
No ordearves/
And all 5 courses,
Hit u face 1st/
Rob niggas,
Hit u up for your net worth/
Like for real,
How much is that s*** on your neck worth/
My nigga Caijo,
B a knock a nigga out expert/
And if u get bk up from that,
Swear more than your neck and your back will hurt....

Download 'Muchatiwona' by Mc Chita: