Nxumalo, Radio Deejay with a heart for giving

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" goes a saying by one luminary from the 20th century. The point here being how important it is to do all you can to help your fellow man.

This festive season South African based radio host/personality, Melissa Nxumalo, with the help of her friends are set to play their own part by donating school shoes and stationary to underprivileged students at 3 selected schools in the city of Bulawayo.
"Giving back to the community has always been my number one priority. I just love giving even though I might not have much. It was after my visit back home last year and seeing how some young innocent kids were going to school barefooted that I came to the major decision that I needed to play my part and contribute something towards this section of our society", said Melissa Nxumalo.

"I took a vow to help at least 50 students with school shoes and stationery so I realised that I can not only help one school but maybe 2 or 3, that's when I had to approach soccer stars, Michelle Katsvairo from Kaizer Chiefs and Marshall Machazane to help me contribute more stationery and school shoes of which they agreed to help with.
"Our aim is to be at home this December and contribute the little that we have with the goal being to give out more than 200 pairs of school shoes. We are in the process of identifying the schools that we are going to donate these goods to", added the radio host/personality.

Asked how she got the likes of Michelle and Marshall on board, this is what the radio deejay had to say,
"As for Michelle, I asked him personally to be involved. I know a lot of people see him as a celebrity but to me he is more than that and I know just how much he loves being involved in such initiatives and givinback to the community.
"Marshall is more like a brother to me and a lot of kids back home see him as a role model and I know how he loves giving back as well. It was only last year that he contributed some stuff to one orphanage house back home", said Nxumalo.

Melissa said that her hope was that through this donation, among others, they could help the disadvantaged children so that they never had to feel out of place and can carry on with their studies just like everyone else.
"I want them to feel loved and appreciated like anyone else, they shouldn't feel less than others", she said.

Looking beyond this one donation, Nxumalo said that she was working on getting more organisations involved in this initiative.