Tanielle Smith's strive towards being an inspiration

While most teens her age are busy concerning themselves with the latest trends, be it the latest I-Phone or which club to go to, she is determined to not only make a difference but be the difference that today's world needs.
The 17 year old model/photographer's chief goal is to inspire women to not only be strong but confident in themselves as well irregardless of body shape, skin tone or otherwise.
She is of course Tanielle Smith and this is her story...........


All my life I've struggled with self confidence as I was bullied for being too skinny, not pretty and even teased about my acne problems but as time progressed I learnt to love myself. Being involved in sport(gymnastics) also gave me the confidence needed towards myself...the confidence I show off does not define me as an attention seeker, no ..it actually defines me as a strong and confident young woman .

Career path  

My dream is to become an inspirational young model who provides confidence and self love not only to me but for other women as well, society cannot tell us what is beautiful. I want to make a difference and be the difference....modeling has always been a personal passion of mine and I would like to make it a reality.


I've been offered modeling contracts by various people but most of these individuals aren't always trustworthy and the majority of the time they turn out to be scams.
With your help in sharing my story I can see my dream become a reality, help me get discovered and be the voice for young women ❤


I have an Instagram account on which I recently posted a body confidence picture ,showing woman empowerment and confidence,my picture has gotten a lot of attention as many young girls have liked it and voted YES to confidence,it has reached a varied range of impressionists and major accounts have seen my picture.


My goal is to become an inspiration for young woman, whether you have stretch marks, acne or even unique skin tones..you are BEAUTIFUL!
I am a self practiced photographer, I take inspiring photos such as body confidence ....I am driven towards making a change in society as all body types and women specifically are beautiful and as such, no woman should feel uncomfortable and low self esteemed about themselves. There is an old adage that says 'nobody is perfect' but I'm here to change that saying and tell you that you are!
My name is Tanielle Smith and my aim is to become the next inspirational model in society so let's stick together as young women and win the fight for confidence❤

Social media 

Instagram : _.I.slxy._ DM me your body confidence picture and let me show you how perfect you are❤