Tendayi, A passionate musician and dancer

Article by Blaque Aqua

Its always good to be in an environment were you are surrounded by people who are considerate of your feelings and also that of others. I was sitting on a park bench enjoying the silence only to be awoken by the sound of a marching crew. I certainly did not mind, l simply glared in their direction and enjoyed their activity, and in their idle space l decided to approach one of the models in the most respectable manner that l could muster up.

BLAQUÆ: Hi, My name is Blaque Aqua, l was sitting from afar and l couldn't ignore the art that you were making, are you a model?
Tendayi: I'm Tendayi, I am a musician and dancer, its a pleasure you noticed.
BLAQUÆ: Are you free?, mind if l get to know you?

Tendayi: Ofcourse not, mind taking a walk?

I enjoyed being in the company of this most passionate of souls and talented beauty. The further we walked, the more she opened up and gave me an insight into her world.

Tendayi: Roses are one of my favourite flowers. They take me back to the time when l was a teen *sniffing a rose*. I used to write poems in the garden to get rid of the stress and to inspire myself more.
BLAQUÆ: Is that where your passion for art started?
Tendayi: Yes to some extent. My passion was ignited when l joined Khaya Arts under Mazilakatha's influence last year in April.
BLAQUÆ: How has been the journey in the industry thus far?
Tendayi: Rocky but worth it, it has enabled me to perform with industry greats and get to learn more about the industry,all ofcourse in a short space of time. I have a secret to tell you
Tendayi: I am fast learner *she whispered*