Tryder Winton ends hiatus with brand new single

After having taken some time away from releasing any music, local rnb crooner, Tryder Winton is set to announce himself back in the game with a brand new single titled "Chemistry".
Officially slated for release on the 28th of October,  the single surely promises to be a hit and will definitely go a long way in re-establishing his presence on the local market.
"It is a love song that talks about how lovers end up losing interest in each other. I am sure that we can all relate to such situations.
"So in this song I am telling this girl that there used to be chemistry between me and her and how special the love was. I am basically telling her how much I miss the good old days and wish we could go back to what we had", said Tryder Winton.

According to the singer/songwriter who also doubles as a producer nowadays, the track is part of an upcoming EP that he is set to launch before year end.
"This single is part of a 5-track EP called Grooving Heart which I'm going to release mid November and will carry songs like Chemistry, Mood, Used To Be and Only You", said Winton.

It seems that Winton is back to doing what he loves the most, which is making music, but he is not getting lost in the moment, that's for sure.
He said a lot was indeed coming this time around and that his fans can and should expect something special.
"I am currently working on something big, I am however not going to say much about this until the time is right but people can surely expect something hot!
" The fans can also look forward to another single dropping in early December just after I release the EP onto the market", he said.

But just who is Tryder Winton?

Tryder Winton is an RnB singer from Chitungwiza whose musical career began way back in 2008.

His very first album Nziradzerudo was launched in 2010 and did relatively well for the young man.
From as early as 2008 he had done quite a number of singles in the lead_up to Nziradzerudo.
His debut effort did get a reasonable amount of airplay on radio, more specifically on Power and Radio Zimbabwe.
By the beginning of 2011, Winton had started working on a 2nd album which he was to release in 2012.
"I was very much disappointed with this particular album because I put a lot of energy if not all I had for this album to come out but it didn't receive much recognition, some said that it was much 'politicized' but I guess I was just being patriotic and at the end of the day it was all about my country and how our heroes fought for this beautiful country",  the rapper was quoted as having said.

The title to the album in question was of course 'Peaceful Zimbabwe'.

It was after this particular project that the rnb singer took an indefinite break from  releasing music and turned his efforts towards music production.
"I started recording, mixing and mastering for other artists but at the same time kept recording my own material all this while
"Now I am officially back and this time I am certainly here to stay so I am returning to the game with this new single, an EP and I will follow that up with an album mid next year", said Tryder Winton.