A Call To Stand United Against Women Abuse

article by Allistar Marunya

The world has become such a scary place.
You never know what might happen to you tomorrow.
As women we stand at a bigger risk of the worst that might occur unexpectedly.
Men have taken charge, they think women are only created for sexual activities ,a way to make quick money or become a punching bag.
On daily basis we hear about women being abused or being raped but stigma taking control.
These cases are hardly reported because women feel that it's an embarrassment or a disgrace.
It all seems pretty normal to hear of a woman that is being abused or a woman who has been raped because it's something that has grown into us, it's something we all used to now, something we know is bound to happen to someone and when such situations of rape are being spoken about the blame is put on the women?
Why is it that women are the ones to be blamed for men that can't control themselves ?
Women are blamed for either dressing in a certain way that attracts the men or for behaving in a certain way.
NO, I personally stand against that.
We as women can't change the way we dress or the way we behave because there are men out there that cannot control themselves or respect the body of a woman.
It's not fair how all the blame has to be put on the woman who has been raped...
It's not a decision you make everyday that "you know what, today I wanna get raped" , it's not something we choose .
It doesn't matter if I'm wearing a very short skirt, it's my body,that's the way I wanted to dress, those are my clothes....what gives you the right to forcibly force yourself on me just because of the way I'm dressed?
Where are those men that know that a woman is not to be treated like she's trash?Where are our brothers who are supposed to protect us?,Our fathers who are supposed to watch over us?

Let's be united, lets be one and stand against women abuse and all that comes with it be it rape or being turned into a punching bag