Ashley Mlambo is ready to bloom

In her very first year as a model, she has already made a mark for herself and being nominated for the Zim Models Awards is but the icing on the cake for Ashley Mlambo's first year in the industry.
This is her story.......

My name is Ashley Mlambo, I am a 19 year old model who resides in Ruwa and the Avenues.
I'm currently on a gap year so next year I will be going to university hopefully and pursue my studies while at the same time carrying on my modelling work. Because of my size, I  am what those in our industry would like to refer to as a 'petite model'.

I have loved modelling ever since I was a kid and I still remember how I would catwalk the whole house and dreamt of one day making it to the big stage.
I never gained or lost weight and because I didn't want people to make me feel like I'm too small, I decided to do modelling. It is juss as empowering as it is liberating and I am glad that I am here today doing exactly what I love and always dreamt of.

Even though sometimes it is not easy, I have found out that nothing rarely is, so I will remain just as headstrong as I was from day one.
I have a passion for fashion too so I found it best to showcase that love through modeling.

I want to change the way African people, Zimbabweans in particular, think. I want people to know that modelling isn't just about walking on a stage but it's about intelligence and charity as well.

At the present moment I am working with 106 models and Harare Models Association and these brands have nurtured me intensely over these last few months. As a result of that I have been nominated for the Zimbabwe Models Awards and you can vote for me by liking my photo Ashley mlambo on the Zimbabwe models awards facebook page.

Being nominated is an honour because its my first year in modelling so I feel like I am a talent that is yet to bloom.

In the next five years I see myself having grown and established myself as an international model of repute. I can picture myself working with great models like Tyra Banks and the African international model like Alek Weki***sp