Deborah, All about Staying in Her Own Lane

The year has indeed been quite eventful and as the year draws to a close, everybody is reflecting on the past 12 months and looking at what they can improve upon in 2018, China-based Zimbabwean writer/dancer/model Deborah Kabongo is no exception.
"2017 has been mind blowing for me as an artist. I have learnt a lot and grown in my own way. More as a dancer and a writer.
"On March 1st 2017 I released my first book ever, a poetry anthology "I AM OBLIAGE". In April/May I choreographed for the NetOne 1 money advert in partnership with John Cole and Edric Godzongere. In May I moved to China and I have shared a unique experience with different cultured dancers here and performed on some of their big stages. In August I released my first novel "SCENTED COFFINS", a summation of my love for dance and coffee. In October I partnered with John Cole, one of Zimbabwe's top choreographers, and conducted our first cultural exchange workshop here in Chengdu China", said Kabongo.

Deboh, as she is affectionately known, believes that she made considerable strides overall but singled out her writing and dance as areas in which she showed more growth.
"I would say writing because the fear of being judged made me procrastinate on releasing my novel. Society is more concerned about hashtags and goals than it is about real life situations, for isntance my book is centered on love, dance and rape but I jumped that bridge.
"As for dance, being in China has shown me a different breed of dance style and culture",  she said.

No doubt, there has to be a lesson somewhere in there, and the beautiful writer/dancer/model concurs.
"Live.Love.Learn.drink coffee.Repeat. If humans were designed the exact same way, diversity would be non existent. Therefore there is no need to chase after human approval or applaud. We should all run our own race and move at our own pace to serve our calling to this earth", said Deborah.
As yet another year beckons, it is time to make those goals again. We asked Kabongo what she had planned for the year 2018 and this was her response....
"I might be working on a new release for my poetry collection. However 2018 I will focus on dance more as I explore China", she said.