EMTEE Losing the Plot.....?

article by Allistar Marunya

Let's talk Emtee!...
The rich 'Nyaope boy' as he is known by South African Kids

Recently the famous South African hiphop artist Emtee mistakenly posted a video of his private parts..
As shocking as it is he says he didn't mean for it to happen after he had posted another video trying to explain what had happened on the other video.
Funny thing about this whole thing, he did not show any remorse or any kind of embarrassment as expected because whatever it is he is smoking is messing him up
He's on everyone's lips ...
Rumor has It that he calls himself Emtee because it's Empty down there.
Will the South African artist survive from all the mockery he is going through at the moment or is he too high on drugs to care about what's going on ?
I guess we all know where he was coming from when he composed his track Roll up.
Emtee has not only embarrassed himself on media but his record label too...
Wonder how they taking this ?
The Hit maker of Roll Up and Pearl Thusi is said to be on drugs which is why his actions don't bother him ...
How does one accidentally post a video of his private parts?
The questions going around are...Why didn't he cancel the video from uploading?
What exactly occurred?
What made him "accidentally" post such?
Was this by any chance what he wanted?, The whole world seeing his private parts?
Making it famous like he is ?
...If you haven't seen the videos then you are obviously living in the past tense, under some rock somewhere