Gabiro reflects on 'Comeback Year'

Fast-rising Kenyan hiphop artist Gabiro describes the year 2017 as his comeback year and one from which he managed to consolidate his brand. We caught up with the rapper for a brief chat earlier on and this is how it panned out.....

¶Compared to previous years, How was the year 2017 for you as a musician?

gabiro - It was my come back year so I would generally say I came back and conquered just like I have always done before.

¶What were some of the major highlights for you this year?

gabiro - Having won the best collaboration song of the year at the KTCA 2017 is one of the major highlights for me and yes having also gotten an Exclusive interview at Choice FM UK was a dream come true.

¶In terms of your music, just how well would you say you performed on the market this year?

gabiro - Excellent

¶What lessons do you take with you from the year 2017 going forward?

gabiro - I have to walk the talk for me to get what I really want because there is no shortcut

¶What have you set your sights on for 2018 and onwards?

gabiro - Necessary things full of good vibes.