Hazel Mak: From Malawi with Love

When beauty and talent come together it is usually something special! That is the best description of Malawian singer/songwriter Hazel Mak.

She has just announced a new single coming out that features Zimbabwean artist in his own right, Exq, that is titled 'Katakwe'.
No doubt that it is a collabo that is sure to shake up the whole region and do wonders for the artists in their respective countries.
Following the hype that has been centred on this one particular track and the potential that it promises, the singer is definitely not planning on stopping there. She expressed a sincere wish to collaborate with Zimbabwe's pop queen Ammara Brown.
"It was great working with the likes of Exq, he's very talented and my manager, Tatenda aka Sway made it happen. In the future I'd love nothing more than do a Zim/malawi female collaboration with Ammara. That would be lit", she said.

The singer is also taking her talent (and undeniable beauty) to the small screen as she is set to feature in an upcoming film titled ZUGO directed by Chaz. According to Hazel, the film will be shot in Lilongwe and Atlanta next year.

But just who exactly is Hazel Mak?
To answer that very question, here are a few excerpts from our brief but enlightening interview with Hazel Mak earlier on:

¶For the benefit of those not yet familiar with you, can you give us a brief background into yourself?

hazel: I'm a multi_award_winning Malawian female singer/songwriter and I've been singing for well over 10 years now.

¶Would you mind sharing with us details to any of your current or upcoming projects that fans can look forward to?

hazel: I wouldn't want to preempt anything but I am involved in a lot of projects that I am sure will be available on the market in the not_too_distant future. One of those being a song called 'Jaiva' featuring Roberto and tay Grin

¶What would you say was your career defining moment?

hazel: My career defining moment would have to be getting signed to South African management label Kamikazi, that brought about an exciting new turn to my career.

¶What does your music catalogue look like thus far, any albums/EPs?

hazel: I currently have a self titled EP out, not only available but doing reasonably well on I tunes.

¶Can you share with us some of the major highlights in your career thus far?

hazel: There are a few moments....I think the one that stands out the most is finally having a studio set up in my house and being to record anytime I want.
I'd also say that winning the 'video of the year' award with my partner dj Nathan Tunes for our single 'Gwetsa', a video that's currently in the top 40 on Trace africa is up there with some of my more memorable moments, that's for sure!

¶What have you set your sights on for the remainder of 2017 and beyond?

hazel: I am looking forward to releasing more hits and joining the international market as well in the coming months. Being able to go toe to toe with the best voices on the international market is the true measure of an artist after all.