Mc Chita to launch 'iC2' at Zimbabwe German Society

"I hope for the fans, this album gives a bigger and clearer picture of who Mc Chita is, which is that I'm a human being like y'all. I bleed when I'm cut, I cry when I'm hurt, I smile when I'm happy.
"As far as e industry, I hope that it teaches the industry that we can do this music without selling a fake image as to who we are as people. That sometimes you just need to be yourself for people to relate to you", said local hiphop heavyweight Mc-Chita while speaking to Urban Craft magazine in a recent interview.

He was of course speaking about his forthcoming album 'i, Chitarisiro 2', which he is due to launch on the 10th of November live from the Zimbabwe German society in Milton park.
"Well I wanted to do an album which was my most personal and honest. One which tries to cover the essence of who I am and what I have been through. I felt also that my full name has such a strong connotation on who I am in this industry, my life, my family, my peers, and my parents. Ndini Chitarisiro. I am something to look forward to", he added.

As to what fans can expect from the 17 tracks that make up this eagerly anticipated album, this is what the hiphop star had to say.....
"I explored quite a variety of themes, chief among those being, perseverance. Also self forgiveness. Awareness. Faith. Reclaiming my spot in the game. Being something to look forward to. My family. My friends. My fears. My ambitions.
"So at the end of the day, I'm sure there's a little something in there for everybody ", said Mc-Chita.

iC2 track list

1. I, Chitarisiro feat... (prod by Machele)
2. Mucha Tiwona feat Sachaa (prod by MF Will)
3. Would u Mind feat Karville (prod by Kd Symmerz and Tash Mwanawamai) +
4. Don't Belong (Prod by Malakai)
5. New Dawn/ It's All Love feat Roki(prod by FM199) €
6. #MOOD (Prod by Young Zif)
7. King Mufasa feat Tulk Munny and Few Kings (prod by Machele)
8. Promise Me U feat Buhle, Jnr Brown and Damola (prod by ...) ++
9. Dubz Over Love feat Alka Nemo (prod by Yung Zif)
10. Coming Home feat Rue and Tulk Munny (prod by Charlie from Mali)
11. 56 Edinburgh Rd (prod by O'Micheal) ++
12. Saddest Man in Africa (prod by FM199)
13. Invincible (prod by Mandla Da MULB)
14. Chii Cho-Choo feat Beav City and Trk (prod by Phanas)  ¥
15. After Midnight feat Mile (prod by Phanas)
16. I Pray (prod by St. Emmo)
17. FWUH (prod by Phanas)