Meet Brayzz Africa's new brand ambassador Sakhile Dube

She is Brayzz Africa's newest brand ambassador and her name is Sakhile Dube, 'The Desert Queen'.
We caught up with the leggy model for a chat and this is how our brief but insightful conversation went..........

Give us an insight into yourself?

Sakhile > My name is Sakhile Dube (the Desert Queen) aged 21. I am a professional model, I am excited because i just got my certificate with size 4 modeling agency. Which is something I have been waiting for, a long time now to be a fully recognised professional model. I am also currently a student at Nust University studying social media ( journalism ).

What inspired you to start modelling and when did it all start?

Sakhile > Inspiration can come from anything, what inspired me to do modeling was my physical features. Ever since i was a kid I'd hear people saying you should be a model, i was always the tallest yet the slimmest amongst all my peers. So with all the encouragement i got from people my inspiration for modeling grew each day and i began to fall in love with the idea.

What have you accomplished since you started modelling?

Sakhile > To be honest Accomplishment in modeling doesn't come easy depending with what you are aiming for. Well as for me i have particular things i regard as accomplishments, so far that includes me being part of the final 16 for Miss World Zimbabwe 2017 because the experience you get from there you will not find it anywhere else in zim, and there's the right exposure. I also won Miss Inyathi in Bulawayo 2015. Also being a brand ambassador for hair brand, Cinderella is an achievement considering what comes along with it.

Any challenges faced along the way?

Sakhile > There's no industry without challenges, challenges I've faced in modeling include working without getting paid, once did a promotion and didn't get paid. Also a lack of sponsors, noone is keen to invest in modeling because of how we are presenting ourselves as models or how we are being presented. Some male managers taking advantage of us, the mindset of giving something for something in return is also a challenge I've faced, but I never stop I keep going and going.

Any Memorable moments so far?

Sakhile > There is no amazing experience greater than being part of MZW finalists. All i can say is "its luxurious", you get to travel to different places meeting new people with different cultures, its amazing!

I am sure alot of people are keen to know about your deal with Brayzz Africa, mind shedding a bit of light on that?

Sakhile > Brayzz Africa is really amazing and being their brand ambassador is also an achievement to me. We have a good relationship going on because we are both getting what we need. I was scouted/spoted by Keilloe and we started working together and with the good flow we had i was made a brand ambassador for BA ( Brayzz Africa ).
Its really a great honor to be part of the few chosen ones. It feels great to know that there are people behind what you do who will support you and help push your brand. I am so grateful for that.

Article by: Keilloe Prejon