Revonok Thundaz drops Kutsvaka Madombi (On The Hustle) video

Local rapper Revonok Thundaz has in recent times taken positive strides towards establishing himself as one of hiphop's brightest prospects.
His brand new video 'Kutsvaka Madombi' definitely goes a long way in cementing that notion.
"The official release date for the video is 12 december but we premiered it on the 13th of october.
"It has a deep concious concept were we show bricks being moved in different rooms    in an unfinished house, telling a story that one day with the way we hustling, this house will be finished. We on the hustle "tiku tsvaga madhombi "(we looking for money) and we show how we beat the drums from were we come from when we hustle", explained the rapper.

The video which was shot by Something fizzy and co-directed by Nash XL was shot in in the leafy Strathaven area. According to Thundaz, inspiration for both the video and song came from the trials and tribulations of life.
"To cut the long story short, the hustle inspired me but more importantly how my own life has been since day one. It hasnt been easy coming up so I felt i had to get this weight off my chest", said the hiphop artist.

The song itself was produced by Solid Records and Avdup and was released on the 1st of June 2017 and is part of a recently released mixtape.
"It is part of my #Winter'sComing mixtape, that I released on 1 June.  It is an introduction to the sound i'm bringing (

Revonok has been putting in work behind the scenes, all in an we effort to make sure he puts his name on the music map.
"I have been perfoming around the country and working with other artist. Now i'm just working on getting into the media and putting more work in. I am an unsigned artist and but i've got my own entertainment company called Nanhasi", said Revonok.

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