Tash G Just Wants to be Heard

She was one of the artists that came out in full_force and showed exactly what they were made of at the recent Pass Me The Mic Hiphop Tour in the City of Kings (and Queens), Bulawayo.
It is safe to say that she left with a few more admirers and fans after her standout performance!
She is a marvel and graceful to watch, both on stage and on the runway, and she proved this earlier on in the year when she made it to the podium at the Miss Teen Zimbabwe peagent as the 1ST Princess.
Below is female emcee/model, Tash G's story in her own words.......


My birth right name is Michelle T Mabuza, was born in Bulawayo but grew up in a small town Plumtree, I went to Thekwane high school then later on transferred to Plumtree high school for A level.

The musical journey for me I believe started when I was a mere toddler, my mom says I started singing along to Dolly Parton when I was just two (lol). Professionally, my journey began back in 2015 and I was in form 5 then.


What attracted me to my music genre (afro-pop/Hip-hop) is the art behind it. Hiphop has a way of communicating and connecting with one, it pulls you into a different world and let's you experience the message it conveys and connects with your soul. I am an outspoken person, when I speak or do something I want to be heard hence Hip-hop demands and commands attention that is what attracted me to it.


My earliest musical influences were J.Lo, 2pac, Jarule, Britney Spears and Lil Wayne, to name but a few. I used to wake up to their music, my older brothers who unfortunately passed on earlier this year, used to love these people so much and their music became part of our lives and culture, not forgetting my older brother him self (Amo) who was also a musician and a rapper in his own right. I would listen to him rap in his room and him and his friends loved to record their tracks and I would sit right next to him and I would shut my eyes and pretend to be him


Initially my dream career was to be a model which I am (thank you Lord) so music wasn't my first option but what drew me towards a career in music was my brother's influence. My brother always wanted to be one of the best musicians in the country and in the world, he moved to South Africa in pursuit of his music career but things didn't go as planned and he didn't make it as a musician. After he passed on, I felt I owed it to him to carry on his dream and make it the music industry. I guess it's my way of paying tribute to him


When it comes to my music I draw inspiration from my everyday life experiences and the society, the lives of people I see around me and mostly happy thoughts.


Nothing big has happened yet in my music career as I just started, but there are projects that are in the pipeline.
I am not dropping an album as yet but maybe next year, for now you can expect a few more singles, collaborations and rest will all be unveiled in time
I do however have a talk show coming that is debuting in a couple of months' time and will be streaming live on Facebook, Instagram and on my YouTube channel (The talk with Michelle Mabuza).