Tinashe Munowenyu expresses herself through modelling

Urban Craft went behind the scenes with the gorgeous Tinashe Munowenyu, a local model who is well on her way up the ladder of success. She shared with us her journey so far, her inspiration but more importantly, her aspirations.
Below are excerpts from that brief but enlightening conversation.......

¶- For the benefit of our readers, can you tell us in brief about yourself?

tinashe: Awesome, my name is Tinashe Munowenyu, I'm 22-year old Creative who works in Advertising (Graphic design & Marketing). Recently, through expressing my passion for fashion and beauty on social media various opportunities have arisen including some exciting modeling work.

¶- What is it that drew you towards a career in modeling?

tinashe: At first, it was the excitement being in front of the camera brought, as you can imagine being a creative it soon became a way to communicate various creative concepts I had. ie the Africa Day Shoot and the Fruit Shoot.

¶- When and where did you decide that you were going to be a model?

tinashe: I would say my interest peaked at the beginning of the year when I was scrolling through Micah Gianneli's instagram profile.

¶- Thus far, how has your journey in the modeling industry been?

tinashe: So far I'd say it has been pretty eye-opening, a lot goes into getting a good photo and projecting confidence even when you feel anxious is something you have to do.

¶- Between being a runway or photographic model......which one do you prefer and mind telling us why?

tinashe: I prefer being a photographic model, the people who've met me in real life know I'm actually pretty short, 1.54. However runway is still something I'd consider.

¶- What are some of the highlights/memorable moments for you in your career thus far?

tinashe: Being in a professional studio for the first time - something about the bright lights and fans blowing through my hair made everything feel so real, made me appreciate the photography process a lot more.

¶- What are you working on at the moment?

tinashe: At the moment I am a brand ambassador for Tag and Bow, a lovely ladies store located in Mt Pleasant Harare.

¶- What have you set your sights on for the remainder of 2017 and the New Year?

tinashe: You'll have to wait and see 😉