'Twishy' Juss Keeps on Winning!

She has made it to the podium in almost every peagent that she has taken part in so far and though still relatively a 'newby', she has the attributes (beauty included) to go far in this industry.
With the passion and will to pursue her dreams that she has exhibited thus far, nobody could ever doubt that she is a star in the making.
Below is Twishy's story, in her very own words.........

I go by 'Twishy' but my real name is Trish Natasha Muchabaiwa. I'm a Female model based in Harare's surburb of Hatfield. I started modeling in 2016 and I was introduced to the industry by a friend who then asked me to compete in the Miss Ultimate Hatfield peagent late last year.
This was my first time taking part in competition of that magnitude. Prior to that I had only been involved in school peagents.
I was crowned Queen and took home the Miss Ultimate Hatfield 2016 the title which to me, being a first_timer at this level, was such an amazing honour and achievement.

Winning that title certainly opened up doors for me, I have since been involved in a lot more modelling work and got the chance to travel to places I had never thought possible because it.

Even though most of my work has been on the runway, I have also done advertising work, one example being the 'Look Alive Crew' ads in which I was showcasing their brand.

This year, I was however only able to participate in one competition because I was occupied with something. In that same competition I was then crowned Miss Personality Ultimate 2017.

During the year I did get a number of contracts but because their 'unfavourable' terms and conditions, I had to turned them down. That was of course before I got to know about Harare Models Association.
I was introduced to Harare Models Association by a friend and I am looking forward to working with them and I am so looking forward to achieve better things in the new year.

With the changes happening in my own life and in our country, I am looking forward to excelling in this industry and taking my career to a more global stage.

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