Fikile Ncube debuts on the Runway

This Bulawayo born and bred model has been building her herself over the last couple of years and her hard work is now paying off.
If the titles that she has taken home and the numerous brands for which she has ambassadorial roles for are anything to go by then Fikile Ncube is well on her way up that ladder of success.
This is her story in her very own words.......


My name is fikile Ncube, I am 25 years old. I'm not only passionate but a dedicated model, as well as a student fashion designer. I am currently studying Cutting and Design at Speciss College as well as taking grooming lessons at OpenEye Studios.
I am currently the face of Miss Culture 2017 as well as Miss Climate Justice 2017. I have been a peagent model for 3years but I'm now focusing on fashion and runway modelling. I will be making my runway debut on the 15th of December at Suqea Fashion Expression.


I fell in love with fashion and modelling when I was in high school. I would watch my friends modelling at school shows but I was really shy at first. I finally decided to try my luck at local peagents as a way of boosting my confidence and thats how it all began

Career-defining moment

I think my career defining moment would be when I was crowned Miss Climate Justice. Everything came into focus then and just started making more sense.


I strongly believe that the year 2018 is going to be a big year for me. So far I've been relying on raw talent but now talent is going to meet knowledge!
I'm confident I will be bigger and better come 2018 and in the years after that.