This is a group of individuals who have a zeal and aspire to be great artists when it comes to film in all aspects. I.M.P is a place of refuge for all others that have been rejected by big firms/companies, financially unstable people and even those that have a passion for film but are in school. The idea for the group was founded by Liberty Pfumvuti two after he turned from being a story writer for fun in high school. He (Liberty), set out to find others like him who are passionate about film but have different obstacles stopping them and sought to grow on their own path as a group to achieve their dream.

The group is inspired by something simple" every artist person is equal and has a chance of a good life as the employed people.

Imperial Motion Pictures aims to be the biggest and best film content producer and best educators in relation to film. We aim to give every individual who steps on our door the chance to have a good life for their families even if they are the so called "academic failures".

I.M.P targets the youth, the backbone group in society both employed or unemployed, educated or uneducated, financially stable or financially unstable to empower them and give them a better life contrary to popular belief. Up to date the group has grown to have operations waiting commencement in Brazil and India.
Imperial Motion Pictures continues to grow by the day, grab the opportunity and don't be left out, join us.