Mary Wainaina: Styling Her Way to the Top

She is one of Kenya's best and upcoming stylists and she continues take her game just a notch higher everytime. In a recent interview with Urban Craft magazine, the Nairobi-based fashionista, Mary Wanjiru Wainaina, gave us an insight into her own world.

The first question we asked her was obviously what a stylist is and what her job required of her.
"As a fashion stylist I get to select clothing for published features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures", she said.

So what does a 'normal' day in the life of a stylist look like, we asked the ever-bubbly 20-year old.....
"A normal day in my life as a fashion stylist is just as normal as any other person's   the difference comes in having a judgemental mind in whatever someone has worn each and every day, which at most times creates ideas and gives me inspiration for my work",  said Mary.

The easy_on_the_eye stylist says her inspiration came from the people and environment around her, including the celebrities that she got to watch on tv.
"I would say much of my inspiration came from friends and celebrities that I encountered as I was growing up. I believe that an artist is a reflection of their environment and all I am doing in my work is mirroring that society", she said.

Experience and exposure is key in the growth of any enterprise that one might undertake and Wainaina likes to believe that she has done quite a lot in that department.
"My fashion resume so far is in a good stand at the moment and I have gained a lot of experience and exposure in the fashion world. #keepingmyownpace", said the 20-year old.

Every artist has that one place they go to or that sought of extra push/incentive to keep them going and Mary is no exception.
"I would say that my favorite moments are when people write to me or come to me thanking me for inspiring them. It gives me the energy and motivation to keep improving and aim for greater heights", she said.

When she is not out there doing what she knows and loves best, the Kenyan stylist has something else to keep her occupied.
"Besides the fashion world, I am a professional call center agent in an East Africa Travel and courier company by the name Modern Coast Express", said Wainaina