Modelling: A hobby that turned into a career for Nakita

In our history, some of the greatest stories ever told started out innocently enough. A boy picked up a tennis racket, a girl won a singing competition while another child somewhere picked up a painting brush. It is safe to say that the list is endless and the majority of these 'humble beginners' are some of today's most celebrated icons.
Local model, Nakita 'Kita' Blake's narration is not very far-off the mark in this regard.
What started out for her as a mere 'hobby', is turning into a fully-fledged career....and it all started with one photograph!
"I never really knew I wanted to model. I have always been one of those tomboys, out in the garden, mud on my hands, paint in my hair...feet looking like an elephant.
"Modelling kinda came along after our first family shoot and I was like, ok, I really like the look of this, let me try it out.
"My first modelling gig was to be with Drags like 3 or 4 years back. That is when modelling officially started for me", said Nakita.

"I was with Drags for a couple of years, 2 years to be exact. Other than that I have been at plenty of events, photoshoots, been on the runway and in-between all of that, a lot of personal photoshoots", she added.

For Nakita, the whole experience has been nothing short of fun and exhilarating. One that she definitely would not trade for anything else in this world.
"My cousin is my photographer and every other weekend we have a photoshoot.
"People were always asking which agency I was with and I always told them that I was just a 'freelancer' and they would be like 'wow'.
"So I guess I could say that there was some fun in it, it was enjoyable, it was exhilarating and it still is, even today", she said.

The local beauty is not your 'typical' everyday model and that's a fact that she herself acknowledges but something that has never held her back.
"I didnt think that I was personally 'like' a model. I always thought that models were these super skinny and pretty girls. Well, I'm not that skinny and I'm not that super pretty, so having people coming up to me and saying things like, "you look amazing", "This is great", really encouraged me.
"I didnt think that I looked like a model but everybody else was so open to having me as a model, I guess you could say that", said 'Kita', as she is adoringly known to her family and friends.

Nakita reckons that her biggest achievement to date would probably be being selected as a brand ambassador for one of the most recognized local modelling and fashion houses.
"In the modelling sector, I'd like to believe that one of my most notable achievements is being a brand ambassador for Afro Chicque. I see it as my biggest accomplishment thus far in modelling. That is what keeps me going and I got all these pretty clothes to wear.
"I'm signed up to one brand and I am not only happy but I believe that I have the ability to take this brand wherever I please. A lot of people affiliate me with this brand, which is quite humbling. I love it, it's a geourgeous brand to be adorned in", she said.

The goal-oriented young lady is a strong believer in her own uniqueness and says that she feels at home wherever there's a camera.
From all those captivating photoshoots, it is no secret that the camera lens took a liking to this one particular beauty and that this is a 'match' made in heaven.
"My goals are infinite, I could go just about anywhere it is that I set my mind on. Whatever it is that I need, the universe will surely provide.
"I am not your everyday model, I am a very unique person. You could actually say that modelling is more of a hobby for me that turned into a career. So wherever there's a camera, I'm happy", said Kita as she signed off.