Siphokazi Jika SA's Next Teen Sensation?

Her name is Siphokazi Jika and at just the tender age of 16, the Grade 11 pupil is already blossoming, not only as a model, but actress, voice over artist and singer of note as well.
The South African beauty says her love for modelling began earlier on in life and that she has always enjoyed being in the spotlight.
"I was always that kid who liked things like make_up, fashion and being in the spotlight. My pageantry life officially started in 2015 when I joined a modelling competition at my school and made it to the podium as 1st princess", said Siphokazi.

The model/singer/actress said that it was a long-time dream of hers to be involved in the media and that this was also her main source of inspiration.
"I'd like to think that inspiration came from the fact that I have always wanted to be involved in media. So whether I am singing, acting or doing voice overs, I will always have a role to play in the media realm", she added.

The tantalizingly beautiful teen says her journey in the industry thus far has been nothing short of overwhelming and that she is enjoying every minute of it. For her, it is just as entertaining as it is educative.
"My modeling career has definitely taken shape in recent months and I am really proud to be where I am right, proud of my achievements and progress thus far.
"I joined Miss Teen Soweto 2017 and everything is going great so far. we in the top 14 now, two will however have to be eliminated then the remaining 12 girls go to the finals. I have to say that the Miss Teen journey has been so great, challenging at times but educative also.
"The tasks that I came across at the Miss Teen competition, most of them were unexpected and challenging but through it all I learnt a lot from the tasks", said the 16 year old.

Jika is not your typical girl next door, she is just as passionate about helping the youth and less-priviledged members of our society as she is about her modelling.
The 16 year old reckons that it is time that her music career took off the ground as well so in the coming years she is one teen to keep an eye out for.
"For 2018 and onwards, I want to start up an organisation for the youth of Soweto,I want to be involved in community work and if possible, I'd like to start working with more charity organisations and i'm definitely focusing on my music career also", said Jika.

Blessed with those supermodel looks, a powerful singing voice and more important than anything else, the desire to succeed, Siphokazi iis no doubt a name you won't be forgetting anytime soon!