'Teens of Today' by Allistar Marunya

Parents can be a handful, very stressful, irritating, too over protective and so much more. It's never too easy to open up to your parents and tell them whatever it is you going through be it stress or depression because they so stuck up in the whole "you can't be stressed because you only a child" which is really not considerate of them. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can still go through certain things in life, life can knock you down and it's supposed to be their job to tell you about what life can do to you but these days none of that is happening.
We so stuck in a generation whereby circumstances run how parents feel about their children, how they view their children and how they treat their children.
People from the outside have become more of family to most teenagers because their actual family more of parents don't act like what they should be ,they don't play that important role properly because they think they protecting you but the sad part is that they only pushing you more and more further away.
Teenagers end up finding comfort in the wrong things because they don't have a person that is a good listening ear or a shoulder to cry on or the simplest thing a person to comfort them.
Teenagers start facing things on their own because their parents are just too uptight about it all and when that time comes that you screw up they the first to start putting all the blame on you not considering the fact that they the ones not playing their role properly as parents.
They supposed to be our support system but it all seems like the only way they can be our support system is when they blaming us for something they could have changed .
Teenagers go through things they shouldn't be going through most of the times because they don't have anyone to guide them .
Teenagers become their own parents that's how messed up this economy has become