'Boss Reggie' staying up on his grind

He is carving himself quite the reputation and name as one of the emerging local models and designers. Confident, in himself and his attributes, the young man looks destined to make his own mark on the local fashion and modelling landscape.
Here is his story, in his very own words.................

Reginald Chirenje is my real name, aged 18. I was born in Harare. I'm currently living in Chitungwiza...I am a model and also a fashion designer under GrindCity GrindTime.
I am still doing school at Denmak Tranning Services in Harare Zimbabwe. I started doing both modeling and fashion in 2014 when I was in high school and a lot of people had been showing love to a young fella. I did my primary education at Mhofu Primary School located in the high density suburb of Highfields, Harare and my High School at Denmak Training Services Centre.

I trust and believe that I am a good fashion designer and a model due to my unique qualities, character as a person and my looks are just but a mere bonus. I also trust that I am capable of helping others to stand up for themselves and pursue their own goals instead of being afraid of themselves.
I'm actually inspired to be myself, to express myself in a good way and have faith in myself. I want to be a better version of myself because the world worships the original. I believe that modelling is a great platform to build self-confidence because, like everyone out there, at times I am doubtful of my own abilities and strength.

Modelling and fashion continues to do wonders for my confidence, so I am very very happy that I decided to pursue it.

In as far as my goals, I just wanna be one of the greatest models and fashion designer under the sun in the next couple of years to come. My sincere wish is to also see Grindcity Grindtime label become one of the best clothing lines the world over.
GrindCity GrindTime Clothing have already making waves in cities across Zimbabwe and that's a good sign. We specialise in urban street wear due and with a strong bias towards the hiphop culture.
The fashion label is currently based in Harare, Zimbabwe but our plans are to gradually set up branches in other regions all over the country and even beyond our own boardersboarders one day.

I have been working so hard the whole year trying to get to the top and I got a strong feeling that I am getting there...I have learnt a lot from the Zimbabwean fashion industry...and I have faced a lot of challenges too but I still believe, not only in my goals but more importantly, myself and who/what I am going to become.

For those interested in knowing where to get GrindCity GrindTime apparel, you can contact our marketing crew on ===>+263 773 648 313 or GrindTime Management +263776678584

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