Calvin Kuchocha 'Shaping The World' through His Passion

The name is Calvin Tapiwa Kuchocha, I am 24 years old, born and raised in bulawayo but now residing in harare and studying graphics designing at Harare Polytechnic.

For me, it all started when I was 19. I would look up magazines, model shows, fashion shows and tv adverts and I was so fascinated by the influence these people had. I told my mum about my new found passion but she told me I should focus on school first and so I did......
Fastforward to 2017 when I was voted to participate in a college pagent that was a very big wakeup call for me to be serious about my passion and I also came second at the ‘StepUp to Start Up’ competition in harare. That’s when I knew that through me being myself I can shape the world, I can influence and inspire someone out there ...that’s when I was certain about being a model.

However, what I lacked was the information as to what do when you want to become one ...I thought maybe they scout you from Facebook and Twitter so I started promoting myself on social media and fortunately for me, there were a couple of agencies out there ready to take me in and help further my career.

Honestly I never really knew I wanted to model. I have always been one of those guys who loves taking pictures of myself, using different cameras and angles.
Modelling kinda came along after my fiirst shoot. When we uploaded it on my Facebook page it got a lot of hits and most people actually pointed out to me that I would make a good model in which case I just brushed it off, but when a friend of mine Michael chikosa pointed it out..then and then only did it sunk into me and I was like, ok, I really like the sound of this, let me try it out.

Though I am strongly inclined towards photographic modeling, I wouldn’t mind doing peagents as well. Honestly I prefer both because when it comes to modelling it’s all about the way you drive and articulate yourself, being down for anything and exploring new forms of art. Whether it’s on the photographic side or runway side, just be versatile. I have not done any peagents yet, but being that I have the height I see myself faring very well in the coming years.
Being in a professional studio for the first time - something about the bright lights and fans blowing made everything feel so real, made me appreciate the photography process a lot more

My goals are infinite, I want to be that person who can go just about anywhere it is that I set my mind on.
Simply put, self-growth and solitude for the remainder of 2018, read more books and learn more about modeling and acting so that 2019 is fruitful. 2019 will be the year to get myself out there and work harder on my craft ...being on more Tv ads, more magazines, more runways and also being on your tv, day in and day out.