Da Goons: More than just 'Hype'

article written by Charlotte Nzapheza

It all Started in May 2017 when "DA GOONS" was started and as usual, that's when the talk, the hate, the fake love started..
The name "DA GOONS" actually means 'a violent gang'.
The Movement was Started by Zanele Matsotso well know as Zagga. The main reason Zagga started the movement was because he himself had once been involved with a music crew and realised that he had the potential to open his own recording label.
He signed four guys to join the movement and so in the end, the group was initially made of 5 very talented individuals and as such, a lot of people really got behind the movement... but alas, as fate would have it, there's a twist to this tale......

As time went by, disagreements, betrayal and lack of loyalty within the team became the order of the day and was to result in 2 members striking out on their own.
Today, DA GOONS is a movement consisting three guys namely "Zagga, Tsholofelo and Reetay"

DA GOONS has done a lot and has had a lot of support since they came together and announced themselves to the world. Their first single 'Zagga x3' managed to not only introduce the group but made waves across the nation and ammassed a reasonable amount hits and downloads online.

DA GOONS has performed in quite a number of places such as Jwala Difateng, Waya waya, All Black Movement and they also had their first 'Fill up', which was 'FillUp Nicro Hall' and was held at E section Botshabelo and it was so much of a success that the boys are considering doing it gain in 2018!

The group's plans for 2018 are way big as they will be focusing on doing collaborations with well known local artists and giving back to Botshabelo Community.
Even though they went through a lot last year, they still winning and have fans who are still behind them.
DA GOONS is set to release their ultimate track called 'Hype' this year and they still got more to give to their fans, that's for sure!