"Have you ever been?", a poem by MissyStyles

Have you ever been
in a situation?

Whereby you are totally confused
You have been hurt by a person
But you still go back to him
Renew the relationship
And forget about the pain he caused?
Because he is your weakness?
Is it love?
Or I am just a confused soul?
But I love him
And he tells me that he cares
And loves me more
Could there be a ray of hope in the distant horizon?
Or I am just confused?
A completely lost soul
In my heart I have that hope that he has totally changed
Or I am just expecting him to be just like Optimus prime
Who transforms within a second
Tell me
Am I confused, or am I right?
This love is driving me insane
Have you ever been in such a situation?
Though you shall speak of the one that loved not too wisely
But too well
I have totally forgot the way he denied me in front of people
But I still go back to him and give him my heart like I did before
Tell me have you ever been in such a situation?

Composed by Nomaswazi Tshabalala