Kaporal Wisdom Announces 2nd Album

Multi-award winning Togolese artist Kaporal Wisdom has just announced the release dates of his sophomore album.
Aptly titled TOMORROW IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL, the album is slated to hit record stores on April 27.

Recognized as an activist and patriotic artist, he catapulted to megastardom with the release of his debut album in 2016 and almost a year later he is ready to put out another potential masterpiece.

"It is a title inspired by a youth who no longer believes in the future. This album is a reminder to that youth and others that there is hope and it lies in tomorrow!
"It is also a title that reminds politicians of their role while at the same time reminding them of the people's dream of seeing infrastructure development and a better standard of living", he said

The 13 tracks that the album is comprised of include, Midakpe, Tomorrow It Will Be Nice, Adjoavi, FESLAM, Afrikavi, Solidarite Obliged, Tomorrow It Will Be Nice (remix), Sentenced To Succeed, Miabe Paradise, Somelanyo, Kpevika Love, Egbe Mnyi Si and Yolele feat Papa Wemba
"On this album I worked with Gopal das Benin and balim's1er of Burkina on the remix version of 'tomorrow it will be nice'. On 'Sentenced to Succeed', I collaborated with FOLLY FOLLYKOE.
"There is also the presence of Kardinal of the studio LSS, Fenetic of everlast MUSIK, Max Fire from Maxrecord, Sixon of ldmrecord And Edi togovi on the production side of this project", said Kaporal Wisdom.

The singer/dancer/broadcast presenter and cultural entrepreneur actually began his career as a dancer back in 2004 and in 2010 embraced 'Slam' and he was champion Hot Jam and Moovsummer (2011) Oral Professional (2012).

His long list of accolades also includes:
-2013 nominated All MUSIK AWARDS
-2015 and 2016 won Best Messenger Lyricist All MUSIK AWARDS
-2015 Won Best Patriotic Clip of the year
-2016 Divine AWARDS and The Heroes
-2017 Best Artist Engaged for school education

Kaporal is currently riding high on the wave of his latest single, Miledogbeda(we pray) that was released on January 27 and will surely carry that same momentum going forward as the countdown to his album drop begins.

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