Kuly Tangu opens up on "Momma's Boy"

"Being the last born, people have always called me a 'mama's boy', so that is where the inspiration for the album title came from", explained Kuly Tangu Music in a recent interview with Urban Craft magazine when asked about the peculiar title to his latest release.

Officially released on the 3rd of January, Kuly Tangu said that the album was a narration of his journey, love and personal life and coming up in the industry.
"I am so much in touch with my feelings such that when I made this album it was more of how I felt, my feelings. You will find that most of the songs on the album are so personal and they say a lot about how I feel.
"It was all about my feelings, love and hate. It talks about breaking up and making up. I feel like all the tracks on the project complimented each other", he said.

"I am pouring out my heart. I am talking about my life and my experiences in love. It is basically me sharing experiences that I know most of my fans can identify with", he added.

Besides giving his fans music they can relate to, Kuly's other goal is to make sure that his sound is at par with international standards.
"We want to be in a position to push for an international standard every time that we putting our music out. We dont want to put out mediocre stuff. We bringing hiphop that is worthy of being called such", said the artist.

It has indeed been a long time coming for the musician. He shared with us his story of humble beginnings.
"Growing up, a lot of people used to say that I was dope and i should take it more seriously. I started doing music back in 2005. Released my first single while i was still in Chiredzi.
"After a while I came to Bulawayo and did my first mixtape 'forgotten promise' (2012), the mixtapes go up to part 5. That is where it all officially began for me", said the rapper/producer.

Since then Kuly has released a string of albums and mixtapes, among those Albums list is comprised of Ironic, Lost, Happy Now (compilation), Maintain
Mixtapes include Reggaematics, Facts Only, Gone, Never to come back, Reflections, Half Price
"Its been a long journey doing hiphop. I've also produced quite a lot of other artists who are doing great stuff here and outside our own boarders", he said.

You can also download the rapper's new album - Momma's Boy (Deluxe)[Final Cut] by following this link.  https://audiomack.com/album/skynetyzia/mommas-boy