Modelling is a lifestyle for Melx Kelliey

Urban Craft magazine caught up with one of our local industry's emerging models, Melinda Mutopa. Here is how that brief but enlightening exchange went down.....

For the benefit of our readers, can you tell us in brief about yourself?

Melx Kelliey is what they call me but my name being Melinda Mutopa. I am a perky and high-spirited upcoming model aged 18. I live in Newlands. I am 1,54m of height. To me modelling is not just an art but a lifestyle. I always rate myself better than any other model because of my charisma as well as my clear target on what I have to achieve.

What does your modelling résumé look like thus far?

Well this has surely been a good start for me. Despite enduring challenges in the beginning of my career, everything turned out fine. The support I get is quite uplifting too and I enjoy every moment of my career. With this, I'm ready to push much further in the modelling world.

When and where did you make up your mind that you were going to be a model and what inspired this decision? 

I decided to be a model in 2016 when I was at school with my friend. Actually, we came across Model Management Agency's page and we thought of trying it out since it had been our passion from such a tender age.
It's my life-long passion for modeling that has driven me to the position I am now; not forgetting how Adriana Lima plays a big role being my role model as well as my life coach

Any accolades/achievements worth mentioning thus far?

Yes, I have started to gain recognition through features in music videos of artists in the past months. I recently featured in Mr Fit's video called 'Public figure'. This is not anything 'big' but that's my greatest achievement so far.

Can you share with us your goals in as far as your modelling career is concerned?

I'm determined to place myself higher by being outstanding in the modelling world. By doing so, I hope to put myself in better stead to not only scoop various modelling but further my brand on a global scale. I would also want to work seasoned individuals and organisations in this industry.

What are some of the perks/benefits of being a model?

It's basically the exposure you get and how you also get to inspire other people. I'm also into fashion, which always keeps me up to date with the latest trends across the globe.

How has the journey been for you so far and are there any memorable highlights to speak of yet?

It has been a step by step journey where I feel that I just have to give my best and put myself in a better position to achieve greatness. Yes there are memorable highlights like when we went to usher for Stephen Chiyangwa's even in July ,it was great memory.