'Nania' feels at home in front of the camera

She is not only beautiful but multi-talented, a very good singer, writer and actress as well.
This Zimbabwean aspiring model shares her story with Urban Craft magazine.... below is her account in her very own words........

I am Effort 'Nania' Masitoko, a 19 year old model who resides in Glen View and Southlea Park. Currently I'm waiting to go to University, hopefully in August and pursue my studies at the same time carrying on my modeling work. Apart from my studies and modelling, I am also a composer, songstress, novelist and I dabble into a little bit of acting as well.

It's so fun and enjoyable. Being in a photo studio for the first time, cameras on me and having that feeling of being the center of attention really made me feel alive.

Since I was a little girl I would always pose best whenever I get the chance to be in front of a camera and by that I can say I have had a passion for modeling since elementary and it only got stronger as I grew up. The love of fashion and self expression in what I put on inspired me the most to become a model.
I'm the kind of person who is not camera shy so I really know how to use that opportunity when I'm in front of the camera and it feels like home

One of my main goals is to work with the 'big fish' models here across our beautiful African continent and I would love to reach the level of our very own Nyasha Matonhodze and or maybe surpass her, that's the spirit in me.
My journey in the modeling industry have been good and sometimes tough though..but like they say "Work hard first and enjoy later".. So for the coming years I have set my sights on working with different models from different countries and also I pray in those coming years I get signed by big fashion companies like Adidas ,Gucci #Big dreams

Being a model gives you the unique chance to meet up with different people from different cultures and beliefs. So when it is all mixed together then it comes out a perfect picture. Also, a lot of exposure can help you in marketing your modeling work to big companies out there.

My most memorable moments thus far are those with my modeling colleagues at Choice Cuts Modeling Agency during many of our beautiful photoshoots.

I want more than anything else to change the viewpoint of those who always have a  negative mindset when it comes to the modeling industry.
I know there are boys and girls out there who have the potentipotential to raise the Zimbabwean flag high as far as modeling is concerned. Last but not least I would love to prove to the world's big fashion labels that we as Africans can do it as well.