The untold story of 'Stara Pantsula'

Life was relatively easy for Stara Pantsula until something unexpected happened to change his life forever......

This story is written by Charlotte Nzapheza from South Africa

This tale has, until today, never been told. Today we open old wounds that turned a very talented young man's life from Botshabelo, Free state upside down. That young man's name is Lehlohonolo Nthejane but to his followers he is better known as "Stara Pantsula".
Stara was a very honest young man who enjoyed rapping more than anything else... that is until he was accused of the murder and rape of 16 &17 years old girls, that is the moment his life was to change forever.
He was rejected by the same people and community he had grown up knowing, he felt tormented, lonely and betrayed because everyone believed that he had been involved in that heinous crime, including his very own friends and family.
The community of Botshabelo got angry and assaulted him but luckily enough he got the chance to run away. The mob took its anger out on his possessions, they burnt down his house and everything that he had, including a video camera that cost R36 500.
"Each and every time I woke up I was praying and saying the same words each and everyday, all I could repeat was, God, please reveal those criminal elements responsible because I'm being accused of something I didn't even do" said Stara.

He also added that everybody forgot about his music because to them, he was now nothing more than a criminal and a women abuser. Stara was forced to leave his hometown (Botshabelo) because the angry protesters were a little more than just eager to mete out 'instant justice', they wanted to burn him alive!

After escaping with his life, Stara found a new place from where he could 'weather the storm' from and also allow the police to continue with the search for the real perpetrators. After several months those criminals were arrested but sadly enough, in everybody's mind Stara was still the suspect. No one was brave enough to tell those protesters the truth, not even the police dared to do so.

Even now, there are people from that same community that still believe that he was somehow involved in that murder.

For Stara, life has to go on and the young man has decided to put his life back together. He is now registered under SAMRO production, well known and is busy working with the well respected recording company in the world.
He even released his first single after all that chaos called 'MERCY' that has attained thousands of downloads.
Stara has managed a feat that not many get the chance to achieve, turning tragedy into triumph!!!!!