How to ask a girl to be your Valentine

article by Chelsea Mangwiro

When she approaches you get nervous, feel like you are about to address a very important crowd. Her mere scent, sends simultaneous waves of ice and fire jolting across your vertebral column. She dominates your thoughts and every love song seems to be about her. If it wasn’t clear enough already, you’re so into her! Want to take things to the next level and ask her to be your Valentine? Here are a few steps how;

Keep it Simple

In this era understanding the fundamentals of simplicity ranks supreme. Most boys usually get tempted into overdoing it with the over-sized (obviously over-priced) teddy bears and pre-designed cards. But, keeping it as simple as possible can save you the unnecessary budget strain and look less like a ‘last minute thing’ this valentine. Honestly, who cannot walk into a shop and purchase a huge card before signing it with an ordinary blue pen. Put in some effort!


Nothing screams I’m into you more than a heartfelt, well written message on tar in chalk. Caution: you will get your hands a bit dirty. Try to use her favorite colors in your masterpiece and get her involved by including a yes/no panel.


Get your secret agent skills on and get her cellphone. Change your contact name to ‘will you be my Valentine’ and return the phone to it’s initial position author without raising eyebrows. When she will be in a place where she is most likely to check her phone, give her a surprise call. This will most likely stun and knock her off her chair.


The most traditional way of asking a girl to be your Valentine is saying it with food. There are a lot of things you can do with food including:
•Buying her favorite pizza and writing ‘Will you be my Valentine ’ inside the pizza box
•Baking cupcakes (if you are good at it) and popping ‘the question’ in icing
•Buying lettered chocolate and neatly arranging the letters you want to use in a cute box
•Writing ‘Will you be my Valentine ‘ in ketchup on a plate and having it delivered to her with a little note in the cafeteria.


Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned show? Sing her favorite song and pop the question before reaching the climax of the song, say something like ‘to continue singing, I'm going to need xxx to agree to be my Valentine first’
Choose whatever works for you and remember, if you do this right, she might end up being more than your Valentine. So put on your dancing shoes and get your inner charm on, this could be your season!