Lee redefines beauty and fashion

'I dont need to dress half naked to get a man's attention'
This is what fashion enthusiast Panashe Lee Muchemwa had to say in response to a question regarding some of today's fashion choices (or lack thereof).
Looking at her, one would find it hard to argue with that assertion, for, she is every bit as beautiful and alluring covered up from head to toe!

The headwraps are synonymous with the apostolic sect and Lee says to her they not only identify her with the church wherever she goes but they symbolise a true woman of God.
"Why do I cover my head?..it represents a true woman of God, it's a sign of respect not only to my fellow congregates but more importantly to God.
"It is also written that a woman's hair is given for her covering..so are these headwraps" said the fashionista.

As trendy and beautiful as she appears in her photoshoots and everyday life,  the obvious question to ask her would be if she intends to take up fashion and modelling on a professional basis...?
"I do see myself as a model, because I got what it takes, from the look to the style. I am someone who is always mindful about what they wear. It is safe to say that everytime I step outside my door, I am dressed to kill.
"I love matching colours, long skirts and dresses (I believe a real lady needs to dress as such)
"Like I have said and will continue to say, a beautiful woman does not need to dress half naked to get a man's attention. so that's why I need to stay classy, always!", said Muchemwa.

Proud and a firm believer in her church's teachings, Lee says there's no reason why she can not do it in style!
"I am very proud of being an apostolic lady and for that I will never apologize! Who says I cannot be fashionable while at it too?", she said.

According to Lee It does not matter who you are, where you are from or which church you attend, there's no harm in making sure you are dressed the part and looking good wherever you go.
"I dont think its necesary for others to embrace fashion changes because fashion is in the mind. Whatever you think is fashionable will remain 'fashonable' in your mind because it is a matter of how we perceive clothes in as far as dressing is considered.
"However, its also logical to embrace the new fashion because you will feel comfortable within a certain group of people. You wont be looked down upon by other fashion trackers. Hence, it arouses your morale and curiosity to actively take part in any group activity. Meaning to say, due to fashion consciousness you will be galvanized to play a significant role within the society", said Lee in parting.