Modelling Opens Up New Horizons for Carol

"Modelling is something that my heart beats for, it is something that I made up my mind about when I had my first photo shoot at Photophactory studio , the pictures gave me an insight into what life in the limelight could be like.
"Being the daughter of a fashion designer who has a great taste in fashion, the passion for competing in pageants and being on the runway all pointed me towards a career in modeling.
"I am living my dream right now and despite challenges that I face, I'm grateful for the good moments", said Caroline Chenai Mhonda, an emerging model currently signed under Choice Cuts Modelling agency

For the 22 year old stunning beauty, modelling gave her the motivation she needs to keep herself fit and make sure she is properly groomed while at the same time widening her scope in as far as fashion is concerned.
"I have what some would term a 'portable'/tiny body that is always in shape. I exercise twice a week and I take healthy meals always and I would also like to believe that I have a great taste in fashion.
"Modelling motivates one to look good and groom's one in terms of dressing and  fashion taste", she said.

Locally, in the modelling industry, there's definitely no shortage of success stories and inspirational individuals who have paved the way for generations to come and as such, it has made it easier for aspiring models like Carol to follow in those footsteps.
"I look up to the likes of Nyasha Matonhodze in the industry, she has raised the bar high, created her own powerful brand which naturally led to her being signed under some of the most powerful designers on the modelling scene.
"I would love the opportunity to have some grooming lessons from her one day", said Mhonda.
Being a strong believer in her own talents, the aspring model said that she is someone who is willing to learn but more importantly someone who is looking to build a brand that can be globally recognized.
"My aim is to network as much as possible with stakeholders in the industry, to make the rest of the world appreciate local talent (both models and designers) especially from the grassroots level.
"I am looking forward to engaging in a lot of projects and though It's still work in progress, I plan to advertise local designers talent through fashion modelling and also to participate in local pageants myself.
"l am somebody who really wants to learn more from the industry, somebody who wants to build a brand as well as raising the flag of Choice Cuts Modeling Agency. I am a strong believer in myself and I feel nothing is impossible if you work hard enough and dedicate all you do to Christ", said Carol, as she is fondly referred to by her family and friends.

Besides modelling, the beauty is also just as passionate about dance and fashion. She is in the process of putting together her own fashion label.
"I see myself as a natural entreprenuer. I am a dancer who is very much looking forward to joining Jibillika dance group where I see myself flourishing. I'm also working with a fashion designer on my own fashion label", she said.

It is no secret that having a supportive family is a good foundation if one is to pursue anything. Carol concurs, as in her own case it made it easier for her to chase down her dreams.
"I remember how whenever my mum designed something for me, she would always say 'this looks perfect on you my beauty queen' and it is those moments that I always go back to in my own mind to remind myself about how and where it all started but more importantly just how much this means to me.
"The people around me made it easy for my dream to come true and special mention goes to Mrs N Mhonda, Mrs M Mutero, Magwenya Lorraine, Madyira mellisa, Pfidze Allan and Photophactory", said the 22-year old.