Mthulisi Overwhelmed by Response to first Book

Having launched his debut novel, UBUNTU NQABA NGQO, barely 2 months ago, local author Mthulisi Ndlovu describes the response thus far as "overwhelming".
We had a brief chat with the writer upon his return home from South Africa where the book was also launched.
Below are excerpts from that interview..........

•We know that it has not been that long since your book was launched but how has the response itself been like thus far?

(M.N) : The response has been so massive and overwhelming, honestly I wasn't even expecting so much feedback especially from the international community, the likes of SA, Botswana and Swaziland . Most of my book sales were recorded here in Zimbabwe therefore

•How has the novel fared in terms of sales?

(M.N) : The sales of the book are so massive for that I have already ran out of first batch of hard copies of the book. I am therefore in the process of printing another batch of copies as some people have already placed their orders in advance especially from South Africa.

•What would you attribute this positive response to your literary work to?

(M.N) : I think the fact that this book has been making waves on various media houses and on social media for being the longest poem in history based on UBUNTU as a universal doctrine has contributed largely to people being eager to have a taste of it.

•Would you go as far as to say that the readers appreciated the book more because it was written using one of our own traditional languages?

(M.N) : Absolutely yes yes!!, you know our people are so hungry for literature produced in our traditional language. The response of the people really showed me that as writers and authors we are starving our people as we have turned to focus more on foreign languages hence sideling our own. As I always say; our mother languages are our pride and we must embrace and uphold them for our identity as a people is simply encorded in them. We mustn't be ashamed of telling the world our stories in our mother languages for this also reveals just how rich our culture and traditions are as Africans.

•Having successfully launched your debut novel, what is next for you?

(M.N) : Writing is my passion therefore from here I am looking back no more. Also I believe that preserving my tradition, culture, values and norms is my number one priority and purpose under the sun. Therefore if I don't play my part today, our future as a people shall linger in great obscurity and gloom! For, the stories of today play a pivotal role in providing historic evidence to the future generations to come.

I would also like to take this time to acknowledge the following;Naison Tfwala, Bhekinkosi Nkomo, Andile Sibanda, Njabulo Moyo, Mr Pathisa Nyathi, Prince Charles and Mrs S Sibanda (Amhlophe highschool).