Annastacia Yona drops Potential Chart_Maker, 'Kekupedzisira'

Local singer/rapper Annastacia Yona is set to officially announce her upcoming album with the release of a brand new single this March.

Titled 'Kekupedzisira', the single is slated for release on the 11th of this month.
"Basically, ghetto life and teen life inspired me to come up with such a song. It's a track about a girl who is doing things like they were her last and doesn't give a damn about haters or what anybody else says", said Yona

According to Annastacia, the brand new single is only but the tip of the iceberg to her upcoming album.
"This song is part of my forthcoming project that I'm putting the final touches to and chose to call 'Teenage dream'. It is special offering from me to all the Zimbabwean teens, they need now, more than ever before, to keep their heads above water", she said.

Yona is bouyant ahead of the release of 'Kekupedzisira', a track that she herself says has every chance of being a chart-topper. Upon listening to the song, one is tempted to agree with her.....
"I think this song has great potential and can top the charts. It is easily relatable and I'm sure it will strike the right chords with my fellow teens.
"It is telling everyone out there to work as if there was no tomorrow, to do what they have to do like they wouldn't be a second chance because sometimes in life, that tomorrow or that second chance might never come", said the 18 year old.

The singer/rapper who also happens to be a model says she taught herself how to rap and is happy to be in the position that she is right now, making music, touring and sharing the stage with some of her idols.
"I started doing music at the age of ten and been pushing hard since then. Nowadays I am doing shows with recognizable names in the industry like Tehn Diamond, Jnr Brown, Kikky BadAss and so many more. It shows how far I've come and it is a sure sign of how far I'm willing to go in the pursuit of my dream.
"Being someone who taught their self how to sing and rap, I am humbled by the ground I have covered so far. I have had the chance to perform at the Changamire hiphop awards and been on tours with the help from empire 263 CEO and ZIMBOY", said Yona.

It remains to be seen just how far her new single or album will go but Yona is definitely a talent to watch out for in the years to come.