Arlington on 'Aytee Percent'

Urban Craft magazine had a brief 'one on one' with Cyprus-based artist/producer Arlington 'AyTee' Mawarire in which he gave us an insight into his latest projects, among them an album and clothing line.
Below are excerpts from that interview

• What is the title and official release date for your album/compilation?

AyTee ~- The title of my project is called AyTee Percent and it was officially released on the 12th of March, 2018

• What are some of the genres that make up this project and who are the artists who featured on it?

AyTee ~- The project is made up of thirteen tracks, with a wide variety of genres. Mainly Hip Hop, RnB/Soul, Afrobeat and House. On the project I hand picked each feature and you get to hear a lot of talent from the likes of GoldFurnace, MVPANI, T.A.Y.T.E, Mr Rebel, Rue, Afrodizzay, DaReal (Zimbabwe /South Africa) and Rowlene (South Africa).

• What was the motivation behind you deciding to incorporate all these genres onto one project?

AyTee ~- the main reason my project had a wide variety of genres is because I wanted to showcase my abilities on a more larger scale, Vocally and Production wise. Prior to this I had done different genres separately but for the mission that I had for the project, the mix, genre_wise, was necessary to narrate the story of the project.

• Now that the album/compilation is out, what's the next step?

AyTee ~- I’m currently working on more music with different producers such as Slasha (Amvis/Zimbabwe), Ynagz (Hitmen/ Zimbabwe), CP7 (Zimbabwe ), Yung Zif (Zimbabwe ) and Dj Romzy (Nigeria), among many, and creating more music that will be released in different ways, some under collections and others as singles. I also have a lot of music I did with Mr Rebel (Zimbabwe) that I’m itching to release so expect that soon as well. I also have shows that I am part of such as “Shoti’s Whiteroom Sessions” where we showcase art from a new perspective. On top of all that, I’m expanding my Brand and the variety of my apparel - TaylorWear, which for now has Caps and Jackets.

• For the benefit of our readers can you give us a brief but detailed background into you yourself and just how far you've come in the music industry?

AyTee ~- well for those who don’t know me, my full name is Arlington Taylor Mawarire, I began my musical Journey commercially in 2013 but I have been creating since ‘08. I became affiliated with Mix Masterz International (Zimbabwe / South Africa ) in 2014 as one of their producers and we’ve worked on projects for the likes of Guspy Warrior (Zimbabwe), Mc Chita (Zimbabwe), Gigi Lamayne (South Africa), Nyanda (Jamaica) and many other artists globally. Since then, I’ve had opportunities to work with and get acquainted with mainstream artists such as Roki (zimbabwe), Bryan K (Zimbabwe ) and others and hopefully you will get to hear music from such relationships sometime in the near future.