Balaa Wepesi: The Tripple Threat

Kenyan group Balaa Wepesi is currently making noise with their debut single 'Utasubiri', whose video has since gone viral since its release.
"The music video is doing quite well on the Kenyan market at the moment and it just might be the breakthrough we had been waiting for", said Donald Ochieng, one_third of the group.

Balaa wepesi is of course made up of 3 young and exciting talents, namely, Ronald otieno, Donald ochieng and Osido.
"We first met at a concert where we were performing separately as solo artist but when the concert was over we met back stage and exchanged contacts. From thereon our friendship grew and in time Balaa wepesi was born.
"We do 'bongo' music, our type of sound relates to daily life situations which of course attracts both the mature and younger generation", said

"Apart from being music partners we are the best of friends, something that makes it all the much more fun and worthwhile", he added.

The Nairobi based trio is certainly making its way to the top and they credit being able to amass a good fanbase as one of the pillars to their success so far.
"We've managed to create a fan base and I have to admit we've been received well plus our music is the 21st century type. It has helped us get enough gigs and concerts over the last couple of months”, said the rapper/singer.

Their debut video has definitely done wonders for their careers and it has also made them an attractive act to work with for both producers and artists.
"We are happy to announce that we are working on a project with Majix Enga who is arguably one of the best producers in Africa in this present moment and getting the chance to work with him is quite an honour.
"More importanly, we are working on dropping our first album late this year. Besides that, we are also putting a few collaborations and new music videos together which we will be releasing onto the market soon", said Ochieng.

Link to video: