Blaize Rhymes Making Waves with 'Body Killer'

It seems like the city of Kisumu (Kenya) just keeps churning out talent after talent! Its newest gem is non_other than talented upcoming rapper, Blaize Rhymes who recently debuted a brand new video titled 'Body Killer' with erstwhile 'partner in crime', Asen B

"I gave it that title because it talks about the body of a lady, one that really attracts the attention men. Inspiration for the song came from a good friend of mine from back in high school who used to approach ladies during functions and tease them saying 'damn, your body is a killer', said Blaize.

Officially launched and made available on the market this March, it is the young man's hope that this track, produced by Maliq of Starbell Records, will strike just the right chords in the hearts and minds of his listeners.

The video itself was shot at Pinecorn Hotel, Kisumu by Adams Eston of Royal State Pictures.

Blaize says he realised his talent way_back in 2011 when he used to perfom during school functions.
"When I enrolled for high school, I found the love for music growing inside me and decided to write songs and I initially played around with different genres like dancehall, trap and afropop. I was to settle as a rapper after my visit to Malik who adviced me to rap because to him and other people I looked the part and I needed to work with my strengths", he said.