Brucella: Forging Ahead towards Greatness

By tawanda ngena

For Zimbabwe-American singer Brucella, the name of her debut EP was more than just another title, to her it was a reflection of how she herself approaches life!
"Forward, was not only the title I chose to name my very first music project, but it’s the only direction I ever intend to move in", said the singer, speaking from her base in Denver, Colorado in a recent chat with Urban Craft magazine.

That debut 6 track EP was of course released late last year and has been doing reasonably well for the artist on the market.
"The title of my EP was inspired by my mentality, because my whole life I’ve thought of my goals and future. The song 'Forward', which the EP was named after, describes exactly what the millennial mindset is.
"Because I’m a classic example of a millennial, I couldn’t help but to write and sing about how I feel and how others relate. We’re kids trying to change our own mindsets from what we were taught growing up to what’s best for us now; in new economies, personal mental struggles, and dreams and ambitions that are different from other generations.
"Nowadays when I go out in the city of Denver, strangers now recognize me in person and have really shown some love. After only one EP, that encourages me to keep working hard and if it’s in the Lord’s will for me, I’ll produce great results", she said.

Besides the title track, the EP contained a few other standout songs that are up to now still doing well for Brucella, who also passionate about dance.
"The first song, 'Keep Dreaming', is directly inspired by every time that I ever went to a club, so I kinda don’t go to clubs anymore haha. It has been on rotation on Skyz Metro FM, even when they were covering the NAMAs in Harare, so I’m truly grateful for that kind of support!
"The other 3 songs were about my recent relationship, the ups and downs, it was hard not to write out my thoughts and eventually turn them into music. On the other hand, the track 'Like It' is about how much I love to dance. I get goosebumps over a good beat, it’s so fulfilling and can’t help but dance a little even in public... I’m truly African you guys",  said the musician, gleefully.

According to some, the secret to life is all about being able to discover your purpose and the singer/dancer was lucky enough to figure out her own path pretty early on in life...and she hasn't looked back since!
"I guess I knew from the womb that entertainment was what I wanted to do. I’ve actually never questioned myself on what career path I should take, I’ve just always known.
"I think that God blessed me with not just the gift of music, but with a skill and passion for entrepreneurship as well. So I’m lucky that I already had it figured out and spent more time focusing on achieving those goals", said Brucella

To the Denver, Colorado based artist, the journey has been nothing short of awesome and the greatest part of it all is she is 'only just scratching the surface'. She shared with us a few memorable highlights in her young yet exciting career.
"One of the more notable moments for me was being nominated for the 2017 ZimHipHop Awards, opening up in concert for a Billboard charting artist (Top Flite Empire), and ESPECIALLY shooting my very first music video!
"That shoot was probably the craziest 48 hours of my life. But the production was so well done, being shot and directed by Leland Schmidt (@lelandschmidt_) that I have to make sure that my next video tops the first one, I’m always in competition with myself",  she said.

For the gorgeous singer/songwriter, her life clearly revolves around music and she confirmed that a lot of projects were in the pipeline and that her fans should expect more from hereon.
"I definitely got a few singles cooking. Can’t say too much now, but just remember that I personally love to dance *wink*
"Expect more features, more videos, more dope performances, more business, and overall MUCH more music", said Brucella

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