Cerise West: The Brand, Taking Shape

If after her headlining act during the recent 'Hiphop @ The Goose' showcase you are still wondering just who this talented beauty that came through and stole the show is... let us oblige you!

She is without a doubt the 'total package', a combination of both beauty and talent and everyone who had the opportunity to watch her LIVE on stage can attest to that.

She is non_other than Cerise West, a Harare-based rapper/model born and bred in the suburb of Hatfield.
It was during the winter of 2017 that Cerise teamed up with Mob figgaz, a Southerton rap duo, making her a member of the Mob Entertainment which culminated in her collaborating on a song called "Toziva Vanhu" with hiphop supremo Jnr Brown.
This was the official beginning of her journey in as far as music is concerned, a journey that she herself hopes will not only be exciting but long and fruitful.
"It means I'm on the right path. I made a couple of sacrifices for my art and the universe gave me a rap family that believes in me. I gotta work hard lol", she said.

The femcee has since dropped 2 brand new singles on SoundCloud which, judging by the number of streams, were well received and certain to put her on the map.
"My first single "At War" was a song I wrote to express confliction between what I want, what is expected and the toxic friendships that reinforce that confliction. It was personal!
"The second track "Jiggy" is a less personal take but it's still about me. I was just flexxing, wanted a track I could get down to. Come to think of it... I did throw a few jabs in there too but it is what rappers do after all, is it not?", said Cerise.

Her track 'At War' was so good that it was featured on a all-female rappers' compilation CD for a Power FM hiphop show hosted by Prometheus 'the HipHop driver'. On the other hand Jiggy gained recognition as far_afield as Kenya as it was given a shout out from Kenyan hip hop podcast, 254Hiphop4sho.

West also managed to drop some bars and prove her own mettle on a freestyle with the Mob 'la familia' called MaOG. To top of a good start to her rap career she has been turning heads wherever she has performed thus far, from an earlier show in Southerton to everything in_between and of course being the main act at the 'Hip Hop @ The Goose' gig.

Her music career is taking off smoothly, that's for sure and it is only a matter of time before she is rubbing shoulders with the best local and international talent there is out there.
Though music seems to taking centerstage, we cannot forget that Cerise is also a model and was already strutting her stuff on the runway at a very tender age.
"I started modelling at an early age, at about five I was Miss Personality at the Miss Tiny Tots contest hosted by Tich Mataz in 97, that was a long time ago right? haha, I also graduated in 2010 as a Model from Model Management, I also went on to model for Top Model Zim back in 2013.
"Modelling came first for me because my mother was in the game but I'm passionate about rap because it came naturally. I don't have a musical background, I'm the black sheep of the family. Also I feel because of how I look I feel I'm forced to be a certain type of person but I'm not, I'm a rapper", said Cerise

This month the model/rapper will be working with a freelance fashion designer on his line for a brand called Intricate Lifestyle.
"I got my eye set on anything that puts me out there as a Zimbabwean femcee and represents my music and brand well", she said.