Gemma ready for 'Pre-EP Launch Night'

Zimbabwean Indie/Folk singer Gemma Griffiths launches the title track from her highly anticipated debut EP this April 6th in the capital at Tamasha.
The talented musician will also use the the very same platform as 'Pre-Ep Launch' and is excited at the chance to not only put out new music but connect with her fans as well, to whom she promises 'a night to remember!'
"It is so exciting- we’ve been working towards this for a while now and it is so nice to have music coming out and to show people what we were doing all those hours in the studio.
"As so many of the people attending have been a huge part of my musical journey so far - I want to create an atmosphere that hasn’t been seen before - something unique and captivating - a night to remember", said Gemma whilst speaking to Urban Craft from her base down in Cape Town, South Africa.

Titled 'My Town', Griffiths spoke glowingly about the first single, which so happens to be the title track of her EP.
"I wrote it in Cape Town - it’s a lot more full band than Irony- and it’s the title track of the EP. It’s also got my favorite brass instrument on it - the flugelhorn horn", she explained.

For Gemma, the EP presented her with the opportunity to explore a number of themes, interwoven as they are into one body of work.
"The EP is called My Town - named after the main single. Each song has an individual story behind it but they weave together through stages too.
"There are 4 tracks on the EP. I explored heart break, recovery and conviction through the songs on the project", said the Indie/folk singer.

The singer/songwriter hopes that her debut effort will bring something totally new and unique to the market, something that will cement her brand, not only locally but beyond our own boarders.
"I hope it will be something that hasn’t quite been heard before - something unique and something people can’t quite put their finger on", she said.

Gemma is more than excited and raring to go come the 6th of April and based on her track record thus far, fireworks are to be expected every time that she steps on stage!