Kiemin Remains True to Herself

From being a singer, songwriter, sketch artist to a part time model, Kgola 'kiemin' Ledwaba is as multi-talented (and gorgeous) as they come.
At a very young age, she has so far managed to explore every one of those talents at the same time and be reasonably successful at it too. Speaking to Urban Craft magazine all the way from South Africa, she gave us an idea of where and how it all started.
"It all started with drawings and then a couple art classes. I mostly used it to express myself because i found it freeing to communicate with pencil art.
"In 2016 I hosted my first ever art exhibition at the old firestation in Pretoria it was quote an experience, one of the best in my life and to achieve it all at a young age still gives me goosebumps! Back in 2015, I participated in a few photoshoots, joined this small competition and I won a free photoshoot with karabo and Kagiso, these amazing twins that started their own photography company.
"In 2016, that is when I officially started singing. It was still so new but an undiscovered talent on my part, it opened so many new doors for me and through it I met so many talented people who are now my closest friends and family. I co_started a collective called Flame and Go Backpackers, a year later we went on tour and have been growing ever since", said 'kiemin' as she is adoringly referred to by her followers.

As stunning as she is, Ledwaba has a totally different, if not 'watered down' way of looking at her work in as far as modelling is concerned.
"I honestly don't consider myself a model because to me thats always been stereotypical way of looking at a person. I am simply a person who enjoys having her picture taken and transformed it into an art form, being a thick woman who isn't very tall and who doesn't wear makeup it's different, it is not common but also considered beautiful. My highlight was winning the free photoshoot and getting to work with Patience Mokgale on one shoot", she said.

For Kiemin, there's nothing more important than happiness and staying true to one's self. No amount of money or fame will ever change that for the talented singer/songwriter it seems.
"My goal in life is to be happy. Being happy is so hard because there is so much that society expects from a person in general. It's so important to me to always stay true to myself and my situation in accepting what I can and cannot do and what I have achieved so far is a blessing and am thankful every day", said Kgola.

Given all the talents that she does posses, we had to ask where she drew inspiration from when it comes to her work. She of course lists her mum as being her chief  source of inspiration!
"I am inspired by my past, my past inspires me go be a better person, the people I meet on a daily basis are a constant source of inspiration and they make me want to be a better human but mostly my mother, she is a strong wonderful woman who is God fearing, she makes me want to be so much more", she said.

Those who have followed Ledwaba since day one will be happy to know that a couple of projects are in the pipeline, among those being a brand new EP.
"I am currently working on shooting a couple of live videos and recording an Ep. This ep is for everyone who has been nagging me to release some new material on the market and I am excited to be sharing it", said Kiemin.

The singer/sketch artist/model seems to have already figured out what and WHERE she wants to be in life so early on.
"In the next 10 years well I want to have traveled the world by then and have opened a gallery. Add to that a restaurant, simply because I love food, I love eating, I love making good food.
" I also want to create a platform for people to be able to share their work, a space that is so free that everyone can feel welcome and home", said the multi-talented artist.