La'Peace Musique Explores Love on new EP

By Allistar Marunya
Do we contradict ourselves each and every time we say we fell in love with a person because of how they are deep down?, when all it was, was the looks because how then do we see the inside of a person when all we see is the outside first then only with time we get to see and meet the inside of the person we have supposedly gotten attracted to...

I had a little chat with La'peace Musique as known by many but real name Sifiso Nyamate (19) born and raised in Soweto, Mapetla South Africa, he was telling me about his Ep which is all about the Inside. Might be an odd thing to say but he's one person that believes that society has changed how people view things.It seems like people have turned a blind eye on our roots, on the things that made our fore fathers and mothers to be who they were in the olden days.

What happened to the days whereby boys would play with girls and all it was was playing?
What happened to "let's be childhood friends, grow up still close ,create a close relationship then find that love in each other and create a happy family" ...What happened to all that?
Most of you might know this young aspiring artist who has had the opportunity to be on Lip Sync Battle Africa hosted by Pearl Thusi and her co-presenter, Isithembiso and Ngincishe'ngafa , he has not only focused on trying to be famous but also inspiring millions of people within his reach ...His EP is all about motivating people not to fall in love with the person they see from the outside but to fall in love with a person according to how he or she is from the inside.

This is not only dedicated to young men and women or rather let me say teenagers but also to old people who have not yet found the right person in life because all they cared about was how the person they wanted to be seen around looked like from the outside. Personally I do say looks do count because we all want to have that person who is presentable because trust you in me no one wants to introduce a partner they are not even satisfied with to their friends or family though it all then leads to people see things differently.
"People do not take time to try know a person from the inside as long as their looks are proper then that's good enough" says La'peace
This made me realize how this generation is messed up because men would rather choose to have a "brows on fleek " typpa girl and not a "brains on fleek" typpa girl and women only care about how your financial status is and not the person you are.

Love has turned into a whole "you give to get" , it has all become like a trading system which is really disturbing honestly but all thanks to La'peace and his EP, which will address those issues about love and the inside of people as well as the outside.
"The EP talks about a boy who was in love or rather in a relationship with 2 girls and all he did was to play those girls which shows how society is messed up and how love is taken for granted " says La'peace
It hurts to see people hurting over love and no one to confide in cause everyone seems to be just out there to hurt you.
Love hurts honestly but in contrast to all that how does it hurt when we don't know what it is?

Honestly Dj Zayy who is La'peace's producer really came up with a little dynamite right there because these kind of issues are hardly addressed but at the end of the day it is life even though we can choose what to make of it...
I ain't no love doctor but I just hope this article and La'peace's EP will change people's perspective on what they think love is to what love really is