Let's Drive Safe this Easter

Article by Charlotte Nzapheza

Today many will be heading to different churches to celebrate Easter, most of whom will be heading to Limpopo Province to one of the biggest and well-known churches, Zion Christian Church (Zcc).

Zcc was established in 1910 by REV E.B Lekganyane and its church members will also be among those who are travelling on South Africa's main roads to Limpopo province.

In South Africa Easter is celebrated by many people, each and everyone of them would like to see their self in the church of their choice.
Christians from different churches like Roman Catholic, Tyranus, Apostolic, St-John and Torah, among others, will go to their respective churches to celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ.

Though it is time to celebrate and be merry, people are advised to drive safe on the roads to save lives. They are advised to obey the rules of the road and also check to see if their mode of transportation as well as their driver is in the right condition to be on the road this Easter.

One of the main roads in S.A is the N1 road and its rate of accidents during this time of the year is usually high.
Yesterday there were reports of about 15 people losing their lives on the road coming from Eastern Cape and 3 died today on the same road at Mokopane, Polokwane.

South African Road and Safety officials are calling upon drivers and their passengers to be careful on the roads this holiday especially those travelling long distances, they themselves will be out in full force to make sure that road regulations are observed by all.

Remember not to drink and drive and lets make sure we all get to our destinations safe and also get to celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter to everybody else around the world!