Missile_zw: Ready to Launch!

His debut song hit thousands of hits and downloads on the internet in just a matter of days! For the young man, this was only but the opening chapter to what he hopes will be a long and successful music career ahead!
"My first studio song was 'FELLA', produced by DwayneTheHitman and my main producer Looda Beats and it was the song that kick_started my recording career, late 2017.
"I got airplay for the same song on a couple of local and South African radio stations and podcasts", said Ashley Mupfururi aka Missile_zw

Having grown up watching his idols on tv, the young man was inspired to follow in that same path.
"One thing that made me want to become a musician was the BET videos. I was like "Now that's dope! Lol". I loved watching performances and I grew to love the art.
"There would be no Missile if there was no Swayyz Beatz. Swayyz is a brother of mine who was open to work with me in the early stages of my career. Later on, I hooked up with Dwayne The Hitman and Looda Beats who are still up to date playing their part in helping me accomplish this music dream", he said.

The rapper/singer/songwriter who describes himself as the only passionate musician in his family is grateful for the love and support he has received thus far and promises to release more music from hereon.
" To the fans I am grateful for the support I've been receiving since day one, they should keep their heads up for new music this year. All updates will be posted on my social media platforms
"So far I've put out 6 singles and people received them differently, the first and the last two are leading on the numbers board so my goal so far is to grasp a permanent and stable fan base. I want to make music that pleases the listener and get them to know what I am about.
"Right now I'm working on a few singles before I drop a themed EP. I'm blessed to have an in-house producer (@LoodaBeats) who is dedicated to seeing us make great music for the fans", he said.

Besides laying the foundation for his music career, Missile_zw also started a blog, 263 HIPHOP AVENUE together with partner Dru Da Innovator in 2015 in an effort to play his part in as far as the growth of local hiphop is concerned.

He said one of his goals is to be in a position to attract the attention of the corporate world and the promoters as well.