Niniola is Only Just Getting Started!

NIGERIA's own afrohouse superstar, Niniola, who sent shockwaves throughout the music industry with her debut album titled 'This Is Me' late last year, says that is but a 'tip of the iceberg' as she believes that she has quite a lot more to offer!
Listening to her music over the years or watching her perfom LIVE on stage, who in their right mind can honestly doubt that assertion?
She is quite an exceptional talent and perfomer!

"My 13 track Debut Album titled "This Is Me" is just but a tip of the iceberg of what Niniola is musically capabable of. It showcases the different sides to Niniola from Rnb, to Gospel, reggaeton etc and of course, afrohouse music. Which invariably implies that Niniola who loves to sing and dance is very adventurous musically", she said.

Since she made her debut back in 2014 with her hit single "Ibadi", it has been quite a whirlwind of a ride for Niniola.
"I'm just preaching self-confidence with the grace of God to walk in the path one believes in and excels.
"Through it all, I remain proud of my roots, I am proud to be African", said Niniola.

Niniola, the brand, has spread across the continent like wildfire and can be felt as far-afield as Southern Africa where the artist has found herself a new fan base.
"I attribute that to the grace of the grace of the Almighty God who in his mercy has ordered my steps. I also have to thank my manager, Michael Ndika of Naijareview and Drumroll Records, my team, family, friends, fans. Most importantly, the media for the role they play in pushing my brand", said the musician, humbly.

Not only is the afrohouse artist passionate about her music but education is also something that is very close to her heart. This led her to form the foundation, 'Adopt-a-Child's Education', a 6 year high school scholarship program that includes tuition, books and uniforms.
"I went to the public schools in the hood I grew up and asked for the top Five best students from each of the schools and the students sat for an examination. Picked the two students with the highest score.
"The top two children (that happened to be a boy and a girl, thankfully) are currently benefiting from this program and they are in their third year", said the 'Maradona' hitmaker.