Rap Lab: All About Keeping the Hiphop Culture Alive

Are you good at wordplay? Do you think you can hold your own against the best freestylers in the land?
Well, the Rap Lab might just be your opportunity to showcase those skills!

"Rap Lap is all about hiphop, it's a platform where rappers get to entertain fans with bars, punchlines and everything they can throw in there", said Rap Lab Executive Producer, Jane Nkomo while speaking to Urban Craft magazine from her base in Capetown.

They have already worked with the likes of rising female rappers, Nial Ainca, Tiara Balutti and established names like Ti Gonzi.
"It hasnt been that easy to get through to a lot of artists but the few we've managed to work with have been great, the fans loved it and the feedback has been great especially the first episode", she said.

For Jane, being a hiphophead herself, Rap Lab is an opportunity to not only showcase the talent that Zimbabwe has to the world but also keep the hiphop culture alive!
"Im a huge fan of hiphop music and I felt the need to create an entertainment platform where rappers can showcase their genius whilst entertaining their fans", she said.
"From here and onwards our target is, building an audience for 100% hiphop content and creating the necessary hype to keep the hiphop culture alive", said Nkomo.

But Just how exactly does it all work?

"Basically, every single week a beat is availed to 3 or 4 artists, who inturn freestyle and after that we compile those freestyles into an episode that is uploaded onto our channel for the fans", explained the Executive Producer.