Son Reagan Channelling Faith through 'Nitaamini'

KENYAN musician Son Reagan has just released a brand spanking new track on the market that he says is all about affirming his faith in The Lord!

Titled 'Nitaamini', the gospel track is sure to go a long way not only in the Christian circles but outside it too as it is a song that carries a message of hope, something that everyone can identify with irregardless of faith.

"This song is about belief in God", said the singer/song writer and music minister who is based in Nairobi, Kenya.
"It is all about appreciating God for always holding us down through the good and the ugly times in life. Having the faith in Him is the key and it is important that we spread that message.
" I do hope that the track will touch so many other hearts and minda out there especially in these trying times. It is our faith in The Almighty that will surely carry the day", said the 24 year old.

This spiritually_uplifting song was of course produced by Teddy B (based in Nairobi) and the video was directed by Sammy D of True-D pictures.


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